Dfuse Cloud: AWS Consulting and Services


We believe the keys to successful IT projects are efficiency and risk avoidance.  We accomplish this through expertise, experience, and focus with the market leading cloud platform: Amazon Web Services.

We believe investing resources to do something right the first time pays back limitless returns by eliminating rework and risk.  Large IT projects go over budget 45% of the time while delivering 56% less value than predicted and 17% go so badly they put the entire company at risk.*  Much of this is due to unforeseen issues and risks.  We avoid problems that would have been unknown, and identify and mitigate risks early through comprehensive analysis by teams with expertise in specific subject matter.

We provide the knowledge not just to accomplish a project successfully, but to drive evolution in how your company works with technology.

Cloud Consulting

“We’re moving to the cloud, you have a month to figure out how.”  Sound familiar?

No worries, we’re here to help.  We believe in working with you and mentoring your team to share knowledge.  Unlike most companies, our goal isn’t to keep you blind so you need us.  We build long term relationships with clients through shared trust, not necessity.

Whether you’re knee deep in a full infrastructure migration or just doing initial cloud research, we bring an incredible depth of knowledge that can ensure project success.  We bring answers to the questions our clients haven’t thought to ask yet.

DevOps Consulting

What is “DevOps”?  We believe it’s a philosophy implemented with development principles and specific technology stacks that solves many problems traditional infrastructure teams face.  We believe this because we’ve seen it.

Let’s say you need multiple secured networks with hundreds of servers supporting multiple applications with multiple environments...  How long would it take?  If upgrades are needed, how do you do them?  How do you keep everything standardized over time and ensure compliance?  If you lost everything, how long would it take to replace?

These are just some of the most basic problems we solve in a fraction of the time through devops strategies and automation.

We not only to affect client's’ IT department, but empower the entire business to be more agile and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.  Our goal is to enable IT departments to evolve from a cost center to a core business driver.

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*McKinsey 2012