What sets us apart: our people, our commitment to clients' needs, proven past performance, quality of services we provide, client relationship management, strategic mix of technology and businessOptimizing Results by Minimizing Risks

Dfuse provides innovative, performance-driven management consulting services to our customers most challenging problems. We help our customers achieve efficiencies, cost savings, and continuous improvement. Our thought-leadership and employee training ensures that our customers receive the latest techniques and best practices.

Program and Project Management

The need to improve the delivery of projects, programs and portfolios of change has been recognised as a vital component of a modern organization. To service this need, Dfuse has the expertise to advise, lead and review an extensive amount of complex business and IT projects and programs. You receive the benefit of practical and accepted management disciplines, deep and trusted industry know-how, and extensive experience to help you improve your capability to deliver real business outcomes. Dfuse supports the full IT development lifecycle, including preliminary planning stages and post implementation maintenance efforts. The majority of our IT project managers are PMP-certified and trained in agile techniques to employ a rigorous process-oriented or very flexible approach, depending on the requirement. This ensures our efforts are consistently on-time and on-budget. We maximize your project's return on investment (ROI) by providing lean teams to accommodate a very budget conscious environment.

  • Agile Project Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Integrated Master Schedule
  • Risk Management
  • Communications
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Training

Database Design and Development

Dfuse is an industry leading data solutions, applications and business processes provider. We work with businesses and government agencies delivering end-to-end, world class, data driven solutions by integrating innovative technology with business processes. For businesses wanting to work smarter, having a database is an efficient way of managing a business's customers, products and financial data. We offer the following Database services:

  • Database Design & Consultation
  • Database Integration & Migration
  • Database Optimization or Data-mining
  • Database Software Selection or Custom Build
  • Database Reporting issues or requirements

By engaging Dfuse to help you with databases issues you will realize the following benefits:

  • Appropriate selection of technology for your needs
  • Correct design of your database structure - to make sure the data you want to store is captured and reported on the way you want
  • Ability to upgrade or export your data in a structured format, or migrate to new systems if your needs change in the future
  • Ease of changing and upgrading the capabilities of your database in the future

Custom Development Solutions

Dfuse has been providing custom development solutions to the commercial and Government industries for many years and has a track record of delivering to scope and budget. Call us with your problems!

People come to us with very different levels of understanding of technology and their particular business issues. We believe that our great quality is our ability to understand your issue before we suggest a solution.

Why work with us?

  • We sell business solutions not technology.
  • We listen, talk plainly & demonstrate our understanding.
  • We are experienced, reliable and local.
  • We have a track record: Just ask our clients.
  • We have fast turn around on quotes.

Information Security

Dfuse provides complete information security services including infrastructure and application security; and assisting organizations to meet and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements. We can assist your organization by developing a comprehensive risk assessment and establishing an up-to-date risk profile. Our team of experts will ensure that essential business applications remain secure and available, and that compliance requirements are fulfilled to the highest standard.

  • We offer assessments based on defined criteria such as client security policies and relevant regulations
  • Vulnerabilities are manually checked, wherever possible, for false positives, providing tangible proof of security risks
  • Our final recommendations are vetted for feasible implementation of remedy
  • Your thorough assessment profile documentation is provided in a format that is actionable and easy to understand

Business Intelligence and Engineering

Decision makers at every level must be able to solve problems and make critical decisions in a timely manner. The data and information are generally located in a variety of sources and formats across the corporation and external media making it difficult to access, analyze or share. Dfuse provides the ability to quickly access and analyze the information they need.

We are passionate about helping our customers be more efficient, reduce costs, maximize productivity, and enhance project effectiveness. Imbedded in every aspect of our delivery methodology is continuous business process innovation. Our solutions are developed by our thought-leaders applying a business-centric design process and leveraging industry best practices. Our services include:

  • Decision Support Integration
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Agile Development
  • Software Engineering
  • SETA