Secure, containerized, and automated DevSecOps innovation platform to rapidly create CI/CD pipelines with zero trust principles. 

What is FLARE?

Flare is a DevSecOps as a Service solution to accelerate cloud pipeline deployments across systems. It spans the full life-cycle for DevSecOps, DataOps, and MLOps pipelines including deployment automation, patching, and upgrades throughout the life of the program.

Benefits of FLARE

  • Includes all pipeline builds, scripts, and deployments across domains/clouds
  • The “glue” that accelerates the DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline deployment process
  • No additional accreditation overhead anticipated
  • Engineered leveraging a Zero Trust approach to ensure security is built-in from Day One

Automated DevSecOps, DataOps, and MLOps Pipelines

*Flare is tool-agnostic; the above-referenced tools are for functional representation purposes only 


Flare technology was used to automate the deployment of DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines in support of agile teams delivering critical Intelligence Community (IC) mission capabilities

FLARE's impact on Sample DevSecOps Tasks; Build & Deploy CI/CD Pipeline 80% savings, Build & Deploy DataOps Pipeline 75% savings, Build & Deploy MLOps Pipeline 71% savings, Build / STIG / scan system containers 43% savings.

FLARE 2-page PDF