Project Analyst II - Rosslyn, VA

Project Analyst II - Active Secret security clearance required

▪ Assists in the preparation and publication of studies and plans, including responsibility, as directed, for collecting, organizing, and incorporating data for a wide range of documents.

▪ Provides necessary assistance to the Division Chief for meetings and conferences to include: scheduling, taking, and distributing meeting minutes and following up on assigned actions, etc.

▪ Communicates with Division management officials and co-workers in both Informal conversations and formal presentations, and delivers short briefings and presentations concerning administrative, clerical, and other non-technical matters.

▪ Assists in evaluating the impact of existing and proposed programs on availableresources and drafts recommendations for alternative courses of action.

▪ Gathers and collects program data or information following routine search procedures; conducts research in Office and Division files and other files and databases to locate data and background information, as requested; and assembles and summarizes data, background information, and other materials from publications and other sources; interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.

▪ Assists management officials and staff with routine travel queries and stays abreast of new department travel policies and procedures.

▪ Assists the Division Chief in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of planning activities to ensure accomplishments of objectives; helps in the identification of unresolved issues that arise in the course of implementation; and checks back periodically to see that the implementation is proceeding as planned.

▪ Types and edits letters, memoranda, cables, reports, and other material as directed, using office automation software and equipment; and drafts some correspondence under appropriate supervision.

▪ Maintains Division personnel, contract and office files.

▪ Prepares and maintains Division time and attendance records.

▪ Maintains an orderly and adequate level of program supplies for use by the Division staff.

▪ Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies to optimize statistical efficiency and data quality.

▪ Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems.

▪ Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets for planning, design and construction-related activities.

▪ Locate and define new process improvement opportunities.

▪ Prepares and analyzes a variety of reports related to the status of funds to include commitments, obligations, and liquidations; travel, staff salaries, and other workload indicators. Consolidates data for viable overview of financial status of programs in various formats, i.e., Word, Excel or PowerPoint format.

▪ Advises program managers on the status of availability of funds in various accounts; evaluates the impact of existing and proposed programs based on available resources and drafts recommendations for alternative courses of action. Prepares detailed analysis and critiques estimates and data submitted and reconciles estimates with current levels of expenditure and anticipated changes in programs.

▪ Maintains internal controls, ensures data integrity by reviewing input for accuracy, and maintains historical records and files. Performs studies and audits on control and use of funds throughout the year. Assures the obligations incurred and expenditures of funds are in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations.

▪ Communicates with DE management officials and colleagues in both informal conversations and formal presentations, and delivers short briefings and presentations concerning administrative, clerical, and other non-technical matters;

▪ Provides advice and assistance to Office-level management in the development of budget requests and related supporting documentation. Reviews budget requests submitted by the assigned organizational components to assure their consistency, accuracy, and adherence to budget instructions which have been developed and issued by the Bureau Budget Officer, negotiates desired changes (i.e., additions and deletions) with program managers. Based upon knowledge of planned and anticipated program initiatives and activities, analysis and consideration of program requirements, develops annual budget requests for the Departmental, OMB and Congressional budget submissions for assigned programs and/or operations.

▪ Develops and prepares detailed background documentation and justification for all assigned budget requests, presentations, and submissions. Prepares briefing materials for witnesses and attends meetings to defend submission at the Departmental level. Provides special information, explanations, and clarifications to respond to Departmental, OMB and Congressional inquiries. Prepares appeals to unfavorable Departmental decisions.

▪ Prepares and recommends annual financial plans which reflect allotments and program objectives; requests funds to carry out the assigned programs.

▪ Makes allotments, purchase requests, and provides a full range of budget oversight, control and execution for various programs. Approves expenditures and obligations and assures that all budget and program requirements are met, that funds are properly allocated, and are being obligated and spent in a timely and effective manner in support of authorized objectives.

▪ Maintains continual liaison with program and operating allowance managers, keeping abreast of their changing requirements. Consults with program managers and provides technical advice on the various aspects of budgetary and financial planning, analysis and implementation functions.

▪ Prepares special and recurring financial reports and other data, as required by the program managers, Assistant Secretary, Office of Budget, OMB and Congress.

▪ As needed, completes special projects pertaining to budget and financial management functions and processes

Nice to Have -

The Project Analyst II may be working with the following:

  • Analyzes and evaluates, on a qualitative basis, the effectiveness of programs and operations in meeting established goals and objectives, analyzing program performance data to identify impact;
  • Provides programmatic advice and guidance to staff regarding the analysis, planning, and development of overseas projects;
  • Plans, designs, manage, and conducts comprehensive and broad studies related to design criteria, scopes of work, codes, specifications, calculations, cost estimates, and drawings to identify and assess problems and issues relevant to major OBO activities, utilizing appropriate evaluation and measurement techniques;
  • Coordinates work with program efforts of other organizations within OBO; review and discuss analyses, findings, and alternatives with requesting officials, supervisors, and other interested parties, as necessary;
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations through written technical reports prepared using software technologies including OBOLink, ProjNET, SMART, Windows NT, the Microsoft (MS) Office Suite, and MS SharePoint.
  • Provide financial management assistance to programs to include assisting with budgets, accounting, advice of allotments (AOA), and tracking obligations by using programs such as ARISA, BRMS, BMIS and COAST: and
  • Provide logistics and administrative support with travel arrangements and guidance, training, time and attendance tracking and other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge and skill in applying analytical/evaluative methodologies and techniques of program analysis to issues or studies concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of program operations.
  • Ability to apply and adapt accepted research and qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques such as literature search, data collection and management, development and administration of questionnaires, flowcharting of work processes, graphing, calculation of means, modes, standard deviations, and similar statistical measures.
  • Knowledge of pertinent laws, regulations, policies, and precedents, which affect the use of program and related support resources in areas studied.
  • Knowledge of the major issues, program goals and objectives, work processes, and administrative operations of the organization, of overall DOS program goals and objectives. and of the sequence and timing of key program events and milestones, and methods of evaluating the value of program accomplishments.
  • Knowledge of program management and program planning, and the ability to apply this knowledge to diverse, complex, and important work assignments where solutions are not readily apparent.
  • Familiarity with engineering and architecture-related fields, such as mechanical and electrical disciplines.
  • Ability to analyze data for cost estimating and graphical presentation.
  • Skill in conducting interviews with supervisors and employees to obtain information about organizational missions, functions, and work procedures, and in preparing and delivering briefings to managers on study findings and recommendations; and interpersonal skills in presenting recommendations and assisting in negotiating solutions to disputes.
  • Skills in planning, organizing, and directing team study work as required, and assisting in negotiating with management to accept and implement recommendations where the proposals involve substantial resources, required extensive changes in established procedures, or may be in conflict with the desired of the activity selected.
  • Exceptional proficiency in the development and presentation of verbal and written communications; and the ability to draft detailed study reports for review by technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Proficiency in the use of personal computers (PCs) using Windows NT with MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, and MS Professional Office Suite for Windows or equivalent office suite. Specifically, the contractor must be proficient in the basic and advanced functions of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and have some familiarity with MS Access and MS Project and other database and project scheduling software.
  • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing situations and circumstances where a high degree of personal innovation and adaptability may be required

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