Full REMOTE -- Data Modeler/Architect -- ACTIVE SECRET CLEARANCE

REQUIRED: SECRET CLEARANCE AND Security+ certification


1. Data modeling/architect:

a. Model in Kimball’s dimensional methodology using the Project Lead’s requirements.

b. Design/modify logical and physical dimensional models using Erwin to meet business' reporting


c. Prepare and document standards and procedures for dimensional data modeling and naming


d. Perform a variety of activities including data modeling and documentation, database design tasks

and data and system analysis, data queries and database design tasks with a team with various skills.

These efforts include, but are not limited to, capturing and developing data requirements, database

design support, data modeling interpretation, application design and prototyping solutions.

e. Perform data modeling and subject matter support to ensure data specifications and

requirements to meet long-term needs of COMFRC and the FRCs. This includes analyzing and

defining data requirements and specifications.

f. Create data models (both transacting and warehouse applications) using Kimball methodology,

industry best practices and COMFRC/FRCs standard processes to ensure high quality data to reduce

redundancy and support efficient reporting.

g. Develop and maintain data standards, process documentation and templates that assist in

a common understanding of data models and data marts and the processes that involve in

developing them.

h. Support data standardization efforts including best practice standards, naming conventions, and

synchronization of shared data requirements across subject areas throughout COMFRC/FRCs and

policies and procedures.

i. Utilize current SAP Business Intelligence tools, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL and databases, Toad, Erwin,

and Kimball Methodology.

j. Apply Kimball data modeling techniques (knowledge of conceptual, logical and physical models).

k. Work within the team to assist in the design of the overall ETL data warehouse

architecture: Understanding of ETL strategy, staging databases and data quality.

l. Support database development including the build and maintenance of stored procedures and

advanced SQL/PLSQL techniques.

m. Perform data analysis of extraction source systems and provide architecture guidance for data


n. Work closely with Government employees on new and existing data warehouse products by

engaging in requirements gathering, analysis and design.


2. Testing:

a. Prepares project plan, testing and implementation plans.

b. Establishes test criteria to ensure the most efficient use of the data modeling structure design.

c. Participates in system acceptability testing and implementation.

d. Works closely with the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) personnel, system administrators,

developers (including universe and report writers), application administrators, Cyber Security

personnel, functional area specialists to ensure the most efficient system architecture is created and

to resolve any problems that may arise.

e. Develop and execute test protocols for technical integration testing to include configuration,

updates, patches and changes. Perform test and analyses to support process needs. Maintain

technical specifications, assessment documentation, process test plans and any other

documentation required.

f. Evaluates test results and initiates corrective action.

g. Support the quality assurance/testing team on integration and system testing activities.


3. Development:

a. Develop stored procedures to populate new tables and columns.

b. Develop regression test scripts to validate stored procedures.

c. Develop tables and views to support fact and dimension tables.


4. Troubleshooting:

a. Perform data analysis across multiple databases to identify source of data issues.

b. Determine best resolution for data issues and anomalies.

c. Revise ETL mapping specifications and/or stored procedures, as required, or work with ETL

personnel for modifications/testing.

d. Revise associated regression tests.


5. Manage the overall Data Warehouse Data Architecture:

a. Establish and maintain security policies. Conducts risk and vulnerability assessments; identify

vulnerabilities and risks.

b. Ensure Data Architecture follows best practices and guidelines for Data Warehousing.

c. Evaluate and provide awareness of security issues to management.

d. Conducts system security evaluations, audits and reviews.

e. Assess security events to determine impact and implement corrective action.

f. Follow Cyber Security/information assurance policies, principles and practices that are in place.

g. Provide planning input to project management on task levels of effort, duration, production

implementation dates and developer assignments when requested.


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